When Child Protective Services Comes to Your Door

Be prepared with the family law attorneys at Davis Law Firm PLLC

When your family is in the middle of a CPS investigation, don’t panic — call the family law attorneys at Davis Law Firm PLLC.

A Kerrville, TX, CPS investigation is started when there are reports of child abuse or neglect. Caseworkers will decide if there are any threats posed to your child’s safety and will determine the best course of action to ensure your child is cared for.

CPS has the power to decide your fate and future. Don’t hesitate to call Davis Law Firm PLLC in Kerrville, TX, when CPS opens an investigation into your family. We have the knowledge and experience to put your child’s best interests at the forefront of the investigation process and ensure they are safe.

In addition to our CPS attorneys, Davis Law Firm PLLC also focuses on child custody issues, child support, divorce, adoptions and multiple other practice areas that fall under Kerrville, TX, family law.

If you and your family are being investigated by CPS, call Davis Law Firm PLLC at 830-257-8851 for a free consultation. We will work hard to protect your family and put your child’s interest at the forefront of any proceeding.